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Design by WhitespaceDave Fishwick is a self-made millionaire from Burnley. And when I say self-made, I mean genuinely self-made. There was no silver spoon, trust fund, or gap year for him. On the plus side, he's probably never had to wear salmon-coloured chinos or eat cous-cous.


As the financial crisis became all too visible on the streets of Burnley, Dave became increasingly angry. The banks were were systematically squeezing out small business. He decided that if they weren't prepared to help the people who needed it most, then he would.


Thre only problem was that knew nothing about banking.


In 2013 Channel Four made a three part documentary about how Dave took on the banks.


This simple animation was used to promote the progamme on both their site and social media.


If you get the chance, watch Dave's series on 4od. He's an incredible man.



























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