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Remember that bit in Snow White when Dopey asks Doc what a vagina is? Just kidding, but the v-word did appear in a Disney screenplay back in 1946. The story of Menstruation was a 10-minute animated film produced by Disney for American schools. They even enlisted the help of a bonafide gynaecologist to ensure accuracy. Though, it must have been a colour-blind one because the blood in it was white. Come on, even Snowy's wouldn't be that colour.

1  The word 'vagina was first written in a screenplay for a Disney film.


Answer: TRUE

6  The Blue Lagoon was the first film to show a girl having a period.


Answer: FALSE

Poor old Brooke Shields didn't know what was happening when she bled red into the blue lagoon. Worse still there wasn't a Boots around for miles. But that was in 1980. Four years earlier, Sissy Spacek's Carrie, had the silver screen's menstrual premiere in the school showers. With her period came telekinetic powers, which sure beats cramps and bloating.

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I was thrilled to be approached by entreprenneur Martha Silcott to help generate interest in social media for her fabulous invention - Fab Little Bag.


Here's a sample from the Which Taboo is True? quiz I created for the team.