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Meet Ziggy.


He's the face (and small body) of road safety for early years in Scotland.


The project was a collabiration between Road Safety Scotland and Leithal Thinking who commissioned me to create the concept and write the six books in the series.


Illustrated life by Lynn Taylor. Ziggy remainis true to the original illustration, by Chloe Batchelor.


If you have 'wee ones' they can listen and read along to the books at - created by The Gate.


Ziggy's now evolved into a plush toy backpack resource. And he's now also taken up  residency in Glasgow's Riverside Museum. As Ziggy would say, Zab-a-Ding-a-Doo!

zig crop rs_ziggy ZIGGY RIVERSIDE

Ziggy statue at Glasgow's Riverside Museum

Ziggybook launch at the Glasgow Science Centre

Ziggy toy and activity pack

Lynda Kennedy writer of the Ziggy books